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King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Environment, Health and Safety Department
             Environment, Health and Safety department is responsible for

  • Review health and safety inspection reports to assist in correction of identified unsafe conditions or practices.
  • Evaluate accident investigations to determine the causes of unsafe acts or unsafe conditions and to guideline the standard procedures.
  • Evaluate the accident and illness prevention program with a discussion of recommendations for improvement where indicated.
  • Assure the implementation of safe work processes in the laboratory, plant through respective EHS representative from their department.

Personal Responsibility and Cooperation

Every employee and student at the University and every other person working on its premises must take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work or study. All employees must co-operate with the University to enable the University to meet its EHS obligations. This includes reporting all accidents, near misses, unsafe activities and conditions or cases of occupational disease and ill-health to their manager/supervisor and to the EHS Department Coordinators.
Faculty members shall attend basic safety training courses as part of the train-the-trainer process. Faculty members shall then educate students, residents and visitors accordingly. All employees must co-operate to enable the University to meet its EHS   obligations.
Students and Residents shall participate in drills and awareness programs.
Contactors shall ensure that contractor employees are trained in KFUPM EHS safety rules and competent in their craft or skill.
Visitors shall be aware of the basic safety requirements such as incident reporting and emergency evacuation procedures.
All faculty members, staff, students and other persons working on University premises must consult their immediate supervisor on the health and safety precautions relevant to their activities. They must comply with local rules, safe working procedures and emergency arrangements and must not interfere with or misuse any thing provided in the interests of EHS or welfare.