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Governance and Organization

Protect the Environment and It will Protect you!

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King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Environment, Health and Safety Department
            The Rector of the University has overall responsibility for EHS within the University. Some of the roles of the Rector include

  1. approving the strategic EHS aims and objectives of the University;
  2. ensuring that adequate resources are effectively allocated;
  3. monitoring performance by means of periodic written reports from the EHS Officers of the University.

            As an attempt to empower the newly established EHS Department, The Rector of The University has delegated certain authorities as follows:-

  1. Supervisor General, Serviceshas responsibility for the implementation of the University EHS guidelines. He will also recommend to the Rector of the University any disciplinary matters relating to EHS that may arise.
  2. Director General, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is appointed as the Director General of the EHS Department.
  3. The EHS Department is responsible for crafting the strategic EHS policies of the University.
  4. Within the limits of funds made available, Director General, EHS and his management have executive responsibility for environmental, health, and safety at the University.
  5. Director General, EHS is responsible for: advising the University on the development of University EHS policies, training, procedures and management systems; auditing of and reporting on health and safety performance; providing EHS advice and support to members of the University, including specialist advice on all safety aspects, and statutory compliance relating to the built estate; and promoting high health and safety standards.
  6. Director General, EHS shall report, directly to Supervisor General, Services, all his recommendations to stop, suspend, prohibit University activity, or prohibit the use of any articles, substances, plant, machinery or equipment on campus or during University activities else where, if this should be necessary to prevent accidents or ill-health.
  7. Academic Deans and Departmental Chairs and Heads of KFUPM departments are responsible for the management of environmental, health, and safety matters within the area of the University under their control. They must ensure that effective management arrangements and safe working practices are in place, in accordance with this policy and the University EHS Guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to: the assessment of significant risks; the investigation of the causes of incidents and the implementation of measures to prevent future injuries and ill-health at work; the maintenance of department and laboratories and equipment; the provision of training and supervision as appropriate for staff and students; and local emergency arrangements. They must ensure that adequate instructions, time and resources are made available for employees to carry out necessary health and safety duties by the nominees who are competent to carry out the tasks involved.